All England 2014

Yonex All England Open Badminton Championships 2015 Tournament Schedule

Event Day  Events Round No. of Courts Doors Open* Start* End*
TUES   MS/WS/MD/WD/XD  Quals  5  11am 12pm Approx. 9pm
WED   MS/WS/MD/WD/XD  1st  5  9am 10am Approx. 10pm
THUR  MS/WS/MD/WD/XD  2nd  4  11am 12pm Approx. 9pm
FRI   MS/WS/MD/WD/XD  Q/F  3 4pm 5pm Approx. 10pm
SAT   MS/WS/MD/WD/XD  S/F  2  11am 12pm Approx. 5pm
SUN   MS/WS/MD/WD/XD  FINALS  1  10:30am 11:30am Approx. 5pm

*Times and order of play may be changed at the discretion of the tournament referee.