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Adcock: Setiawan makes everything look easy

England's World number 6 star Gabby Adcock has named Indonesian superstar Hendra Setiawan as one of her favourite badminton players and admits she simply loves watching him place. 

Speaking through a blog where she names her four ffavourite players past and present from the world circuit, Adcock picked out the Olympic gold medallist and three time World Champion as the only male player in her selection.

She said "Hendra is a true legend of our sport and also a true gentleman!

"I was lucky enough to actually be watching live when Hendra, along with his partner Marcus Kido, won the Olympics in Beijing when I had just started out on the professional senior tour. It was an amazing match and in the 3rd set the Indonesians were incredible.

"The thing about Hendra is that he makes everything look so easy (and trust me it isn’t!!!). He is always one step ahead of his opponents and always seems to know exactly where to look for the next shot and play the perfect reply.

"I think one of the main reasons I love watching Hendra play so much is how amazing he is around the net, his touch and skill I think is second to none and he always does it with such calmness."

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