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Nehwal wants to win All England crown for 'Indian women'

We are celebrating International Women's Day at the YONEX All England and Indian superstar Saina Nehwal wants to celebrate in the best possible way by winning badminton's most coveted silverware for 'Indian women' everywhere.

A runner-up four years ago, Saina Nehwal has not given up on her dream of winning the oldest title in badminton by triumphing at the YONEX All England Open.

The 31-year-old Indian has Commonwealth, Asian, World and Olympic medals to her name – as well as a host of world circuit titles to her name.

But she has yet to climb the top step of the podium in Birmingham and is determined to do so before her time in the game comes to an end – and make a little bit of history in doing so.

“In badminton we all know that it is one of the oldest and most prestigious tournaments – it is a dream of all badminton players to win it,” she said.

“The cream of all badminton players vie for the honour of being champion at the YONEX All England, so it is most liked by badminton players.

“India has won it twice in the past in men’s section, I want it for India in women section. It will be history to win it for Indian women.

“I have won in other countries open tournaments but it is grace to win All England, still higher in my mind than other nations.” 

Nehwal, newly wedded and back ranked in the world top 10 ranked 11th in the world, has started well at badminton's greatest show, beating Scotland's Kirsty Gilmour, despite feeling off colour - in round one.

She faces Denmark's Line Hojmark Kjaersfeldt today in Birmingham.