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World record for longest badminton match ever

Kurumi Yonao and Naoko Fukuman of Japan lost out in the final of the women’s doubles at the Asian Championships at the weekend – but they had already been assured of their place in badminton’s record books. According to the Badminton World Federation, the Japanese pair’s marathon semi-final – epic, gruelling, call it what you want – with Indonesia’s Greysia Polii and Nitya Krishinda Maheswari was the longest match ever on record, lasting a staggering TWO HOURS, 41 MINUTES to be precise. “The Japanese team was cheering for us and we felt we were all fighting for it together,” an emotional Fukuman told reporters as the pair chased valuable late qualification points for Rio 2016. Meanwhile, Japan’s head coach Park Joo Bong was left in tears at the end of the draining clash. “It was an amazing match,” said Park. [embed][/embed] Let’s put their 13-21, 21-19, 24-22 victory into context. Yonao and Fukuman had arrived at the semi-final with their previous match lasting an equally staggering one hour and 57 minutes. Their early round matches had lasted a combined total just shy of two hours, while, luckily for Fukumum, she was a first round casualty in the mixed doubles, losing in 52 minutes. With lengthy matches on the Superseries usually lasting around the hour mark, the 161-minute record duel was certainly quite an ordeal. But this wasn’t the first time that the Japanese pair have been involved in such physical encounters. Yonao and Fukuman, who ended up losing in the women’s doubles final at the Asian Championships, had played an 102-minute duel in losing their YONEX All England second round match against compatriots Shizuka Matsuo and Mami Naito Nothing remarkable about the match time we hear you say. But when they met again, their rematch in the final of the Swiss Open Grand Prix Gold lasted one hour 42 minutes, Matsuo and Naito coming out on top. Incredible. They have certainly warranted a rest before the rigours of Rio.

The 2017 YONEX All England Championships will take place between March 7-12.